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Rolling Waves Scarf

I’ve written a pattern! It’s my first one so please be kind…

It uses American crochet terms. I hope it makes sense? If anyone has any tips, constructive criticism it would be very welcome.

You will need:

6mm hook

100g (approx) chunky yarn of your choice – I used stylecraft carnival which is sadly now discontinued.

Yarn needle


ch – chain

sc – Single crochet

dc – double crochet

hdc – half double crochet

trbl – treble crochet

Chain 84, join using a slip stitch (be careful not to twist the chain)

Row 1. ch 1, sc in each stitch around (84sc)

Row 2. ch1, 1 sc in same stitch, 1 sc in next sc, *2hdc, 2 dc, 3 trbl, 2 dc, 2hdc, 3sc* repeat * 4 times (5 waves total) 2 hdc, 2 dc, 3 trbl, 2 dc, 2hdc, 1 sc join with slip stitch. (84 st)

Row 3. ch1, sc in same stitch, sc around… (84sc)

Row 4. ch4, 1 treble in next stitch, 2 dc, 2 hdc, *3sc, 2hdc, 2 dc, 3 trbl, 2 dc, 2hdc* repeat 4 times, 3 sc, 2hdc, 2 dc, 1 tble, join. (84 st)

Row 5. ch1, sc in same stitch, sc around… (84sc)

repeat rows 2-5 until scarf is desired depth (make sure you finish on a sc round) I made mine 21 rows in total. Fasten off and stitch in your ends.

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#SpotlightSunday Wolfwood

Time for another #SpotlightSunday post
Wolfwood is the second of the local charities we are raising money for.
Wolfwood are a small, very busy independent centre, devoted to the rescue and care of the least wanted dogs from the area whilst trying to find them new loving homes.

Their work with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation is expanding all the time as we meet the demand for care.

Based just outside Lancaster, their district covers Lancaster, Morecambe & the surrounding area where they recover orphaned, injured & displaced wildlife, give them sanctuary and nurture them back to health in the hope of eventually releasing them, healthy and strong, back to their natural habitat.

They rely on public contributions to support our work. If you are able to donate or raise funds for them, they will be very grateful!

Check out their website…

You can also donate via this link

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Shoutout Sunday – Friends of Lancaster City Museum

We were lucky to get support from the Friends of Lancaster City Museum, both in the form of funding towards the printing costs and help with a press release.

The Friends of Lancaster City Museum (FoLCM) run the monthly friday talks programme at the museum and help to support the museum’s events and collections. They recently produced the Lancaster Art Trail, and you can pick up copies of the trail from the museum.

They have a facebook page and twitter account, so be sure to follow them to keep track of what they’re up to!

If you’re interested in joining you can drop into Lancaster City Museum for a membership form.

Both the Lancaster Maritime Museum and Judges Lodgings have their own friends groups as well.  The Maritime Friends even have their own wesbite!

Joining the friends groups is a great way to support the museums and keep informed about what’s on.



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Spotlight Sunday – Morecambe Bay Foodbank

In the spirit of #SpotlightSunday we’d like to share with you a little bit more about Morecambe Bay Food Bank and the fantastic work that they do…

⭐ The Morecambe Bay Foodbank exists to give out parcels of three days-worth of emergency food and essential supplies (such as toiletries) to people experiencing crisis in the area. In 2018 the Foodbank gave out 7019 three-day emergency food supplies.

They rely on donations from the public which are given through their donation points in local supermarkets, and the generous support of local businesses and other organisations
They have over sixty regular volunteers who help to sort, store and give out food donations to people who need them. You can’t get food without a voucher, and they have over 130 local agencies on the ground who give these out to their clients who can receive up to three parcels in any six month period. 

For more information about them and the work they do you can go to or find them on at @MorecambeBayFoodbank and on facebook. 

You can donate to Morecambe Bay Food Bank here



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The Beast hunt is on!

The beasts are all out and waiting to be found…

We are raising money for Wolfwood and Morecambe Bay Food Bank.

Help us reach our fundraising goal this summer by joining in the fun and buying one of our activity books!

Not only can you collect stamps and stickers on your beast hunt there are craft ideas and a recipe too. Get your copy from Lancaster City Museum, Fabrix, Studio Arts, Northern Yarn, Filberts, Atticus, Lancaster Maritime Museum, Lancaster Visitor Information Centre, The Cottage Museum, Silvertree & Dalton Square Florist. #FABLancaster #LoveLancaster

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2 Days to go!

The beasts are coming and the count down is nearly done…

Today we bring to you the letter W!

Only 2 days to go, we’d like to introduce to you Wolfwood we are fundraising for them and Morecambe Bay Food Bank too!

Wolfwood is a small, busy independent charity and has been in existence since early 2007.

Working in partnership with Lancaster City Council they take stray dogs via the Dog Wardens and unwanted dogs from other local situations, finding them new loving homes. They give medical treatment where needed, love, exercise and training in the belief the dogs will be adopted, loved and given a second chance. The centre is frequently overfull. We rely on public donations and fundraising – our vet bill alone is significant.

The wildlife rescue work covers a wide area receiving casualties from local vets, RSPCA Officers and the public, as well as being on call to retrieve casualties – it does not generate any income, but that does not prevent casualties being given the best treatment and care.

They have ponies and horses in permanent sanctuary and often have ones for adoption as companions.

The charity was set up and is managed by Stephen Wakelin who is dedicated and inspirational; his staff and volunteers hold him in high esteem. During the quieter months October – April he is available to speak at community groups and share his passion for the work.