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yarnypotter – Challenge Seven! – Beasts

This week it’s time for a revisit to something we put to you earlier in the challenges – Fantastic Beasts.

Partly this is because it’s one that has the broadest set of options for you all to play with – and partly because it ties into some of the stuff we’re working on for the trail!

Check out the pinterest board for some inspiration if nothing comes to mind – at some point, I will be doing a dragon, but it’s going to take me a little longer than a week 😉


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yarnypotter – Challenge Six – House Mascots!

So we’re keeping it relatively simple again, following on from last week’s House Elf challenge – this week’s challenge is: Hogwarts House Mascots!

Are you a Hufflepuff, a Gryffindor, a Slytherin, or maybe like many in Lancaster, you’re a Ravenclaw?

With the work for our upcoming trail ramping up, we thought we’d go with a challenge that works towards that. Make a badger, a lion, a snake or even an eagle (or raven as per the films ;)) and share your work with us!

Don’t forget we’re on instagram now  ( https://www.instagram.com/yarncaster/ ) (and we’ll be bringing our twitter @yarn_caster back to life as well!)

The next challenge will go live on the 29th June – but there’s nothing to stop you revisiting old challenges at any time!

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yarnypotter – Challenge Five – Free the House Elves!

From this week onwards, we’re going to be doing five challenges running up to the 20th July – you’ll have Fri-Thurs for each challenge, which we’re aiming to keep quite simple 😉

This week the challenge theme is: Free the House Elves!

Make a sock (yes, just one, you don’t have to make a pair 😉 ), make a House Elf, or even make a house elf from a sock…… Then share a picture of your completed make here, on facebook or our shiny new instagram account ( https://www.instagram.com/yarncaster/ )

The next challenge will be posted on the 22nd June 🙂

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yarnypotter – challenge two – fantastic creatures

A day late – sorry folks! – it’s time for the second yarnypotter challenge.

This time it’s….

Fantastic Creatures!

Between now and the 29th March your challenge is to create a wee creature! It could be a dragon, or a centaur, or a phoenix….the choices are almost endless.

And for some inspiration – here’s a pininterest board with some of creatures other wonderful crafty people have made!

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yarnypotter – Challenge One – Hogwarts Houses

It’s time for the first #yarnypotter inspiration challenge!

Hogwarts Houses


Your challenge, between now and the 15th March is to make something inspired by the four hogwarts houses.

It can be a felted mascot, a house colours scarf or even a wee hogwarts student in house garb! We’ve got a few projects on the go that fit the theme, and we’ll bring you some more inspiration over the course of the first week 🙂