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Williamsons Park – Lake

Lake : On the south side of the park a short walk up the main drive you will pass a crescent-shaped lake located approximately 150m south of the Ashton Memorial. The lake has steep rocky cliffs along the north, east and south sides, features that remain from the area being used as a quarry. The lake also has a decorative fountain. A wooden bridge originally provided a crossing point, this was replaced later with an impressive stone structure. The new bridge was designed by Belcher and Joass c 1909.

During 1999, a programme of works funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, refurbished the lake, fountains and nearby waterfall.

The Great Lake or Black Lake, as it is called in the films, lies south of Hogwarts Castle, it is a freshwater lake inhabited by merpeople, grindylows and a giant squid.

It is traditional for the new 1st years to travel across the lake in magical self propelling boats on their way to the sorting ceremony.

On hot days Hogwarts students relax by the lake, the giant squid which is semi-domesticated permits students to tickle its tentacles on such days, when it basks in the shallows.

In 1997, Albus Dumbledore was laid to rest in a white tomb on the shores of the lake following his death in the Battle of the Astronomy Tower.