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Sun Street Post Office

The General Post Office was established in England in 1660 by Charles II over time it grew to combine the functions of state postal system and telecommunications carrier. The postal service was known as the Royal Mail because it was initially a means for delivering royal and government documents. The GPO created a network of post offices where senders could submit items.

A post office existed here, on the corner of Sun Street at the church street end opposite the Sun Inn in 1833. It was managed by Mrs Glasson, the wife of a naval officer. (A History of the Lancaster Post Office, Kenneth H. Docton). There have been post offices in various locations in the city throughout history. The main post office was until recently housed in the building on the corner of Market St and Fenton st, it is now found inside WHSMiths on Market street.

Today our mail is delivered to our houses and business by postal workers in vans or on foot, before the time of the motor car the post was taken across the country by horses.

Wizard Post : Owl post is the wizarding way of sending letters or items using owls as the messengers, some families have their own owls which are bought mostly from Diagon Alley. A post office service also exists for those that do not have their own owl. Hogsmeade post office has hundreds of owls all ready to deliver mail.

Some students at Hogwarts had their own owls but the school also had owls that students could use, all the owls were kept in the Owlery when not in use. Owls are presented to be extremely intelligent in Harry Potter and efficient too. The post at Hogwarts arrived everyday during breakfast in the great hall. The owls arriving to deliver mail was an impressive sight, they mostly delivered letters from family and notices of upcoming events. Some owls in Harry Potter use magic to find the person that the letter/ item is being delivered to in case they are in forbidden land or on the run.