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Roman Bathhouse

Roman Bath House : the remains of Lancaster’s small Roman bath house are hidden away, alongside the old ‘Wery Wall’. The largest room visible would have been the caldarium which would have been the hottest room in the bath house, and would have included a hot plunge bath.

The bath house remains were discovered and excavated in 1973/4, the Roman bath-house in Vicarage Field, Lancaster, formed one end of a large courtyard house, probably the home of a Roman official.

It is thought to have been demolished in about 340AD to make way for a new and massive stone fort.

Prefects Bathroom : In The Goblet of Fire Harry uses the prefects bathroom to solve the clue for the next challenge after Cedric Diggory tips him off. Here he discovers he needs to be underwater to hear the eggs message.

On one side of the bathroom there are stalls of toilets whereas on the other side there is a large bathtub. Different coloured water comes out of each tap around the tub mixed with soap, shampoo conditioner and bath oils. In the goblet of fire the contestants use the water to view the eggs they found for a clue on the last challenge. There 1 hundred different taps surrounding the pool like bath and they are a golden colour, considering the size of the bath/pool it doesn’t take a long time for the bath to fill up. The water when finished with goes under into the large sewer pipes which may or may not be the entrance to the chamber of secrets.