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Lancaster Library

Library Building : Lancaster Library was built in 1932 on the site of the old police and fire station. Originally, the library was housed at the Storey Institute but the growing collection of books soon outgrew it. The current library building was purpose built to include a Junior Library and a fifty seven foot reading room.

Hogwarts Library :
The library in Hogwarts is on the 1st floor, it is huge, containing tens of thousands of books on a whole host of magical topics. Librarian Madam Pince is very strict, she does not allow talking, sneezing, eating, laughing or whispering in her library.
The library books have various spells on them to prevent students from defacing or stealing them.
At the far back of the library the restricted section can be found, it is separated from the rest of the library by a rope. In Harry’s first year he sneaks into the restricted section with his invisibility cloak and a lamp looking for information on Nicolas Flamel. Books in this section may be rare, valuable, and/or considered inappropriate for younger students and can only be viewed if the students have a note from a teacher.