The Radish

The Radish has been sorted! They are in Ravenclaw!


About The Radish :

The Radish offers delicious, seasonal food to eat in or take away. With a plant focussed menu, there’s plenty of choice for vegans and those with other dietary requirements

Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood owns a pair of Dirigible plum-shaped earrings. When Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger visited the Lovegoods’ house in 1998, Harry noticed a bush covered in exceptionally strange and orange, radish-like fruit called Dirigible plums—by the tree, there is a sign saying “keep off the dirigible plums”, and notes their striking resemblance to Luna’s earrings. In 1995, when Harry was being persecuted by the Ministry of Magic, Luna expressed her belief in Harry while she was wearing these earrings. Harry privately wished that people who believed in him weren’t also inclined to wear such strange and incredibly ridiculous things. When Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown laugh at them, she thinks that they are laughing at her believing in Harry.

Ravenclaw Luna bunting


This Raven was made using materials from Fabrix and a pattern from BeeZeeArt on Etsy ( .