Studio Arts

Studio Arts has been sorted in to Ravenclaw…


Open 10-5 Mon-Sat

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Studio Arts was formed by Ann Dodgson in 1972, for over 45 years it has served the art and craft community in Lancaster. Often described as an Aladdins cave it is packed with art, craft, graphic and modelling materials. Dave George has been the manager for the last 8 years and is constantly looking to expand the range wherever possible. Recently they have started to incorporate more modelling supplies such as tabletop wargaming from Games Workshop and traditional kits from Revell and Airfix. There is very little that they either do not have or cannot easily source for the creatively minded. The floor, walls and even ceiling is packed with paints, pens, pencils, papers, stickers, kits and all manner of things too numerous to mention.

The Ravenclaw ghost the Grey Lady is also known as Helena Ravenclaw. She rarely speaks to anyone outside of Ravenclaw, but she is helpful to Ravenclaws who are lost or have lost something.

We made a special Raven for Studio Arts – using materials acquired in store! (With a little yarny addition ;))