Park Entrance

Williamson Park is a public park which was laid out during the 1870s by J Maclean for James Williamson Snr and further developed over subsequent years by James Williamson Jnr, Lord Ashton. The park was given to the people of Lancaster in 1881. The park continues to be a popular leisure destination today.

Wizarding Hobbies : Witches and wizards have hobbies and pastimes just like muggle folk in fact some of their pursuits are not that dissimilar. Children from both backgrounds play the likes of hopscotch and hide and seek. There are versions of chess in both worlds and who doesn’t like a good ball game? Although the wizard version involves broomsticks and bludgers.

Talking of broomsticks, all Hogwarts students had flying lessons or broom flight class in their first year, the classes are taught by Madame Hooch.