Tercet AW

The Tercets

In commemoration of the 400 years since the 1612 Lancashire Witch Trails took place, a new long distance path (51 miles) was created in 2012 called the ‘Witches Walk’.

Along the route, which stretches from Barrowford Heritage Centre to Lancaster Castle across the moors and fells of the Forest of Bowland, are ten white painted, cast iron stones or tercets.

These tercets are dedicated to ten of the women and men who were accused, tried and executed for purportedly being witches. Poetry on the tercets was written by Poet Laureate; Carol Anne Duffy.

Two of these tercets can be found in Lancaster; the first (tercet 9) is in Williamson Park and is dedicated to the memory of Anne Whittle (nicknamed ‘Old Chattox’) who was executed somewhere close to the site. She died alongside her daughter Anne Redfearne. Accusations and grudges between the Whittle and Device families are thought to be what triggered the authorities to believe that witchcraft was rife in Pendle.



History of Magic

The History of Magic is a core subject at Hogwarts, taught by Professor Binns – Hermione Granger is a font of knowledge about the subject, but even she has to admit that the ghostly professor can be a little dry at times.

Hogwarts students most likely learn more about the History of Magic from the cards they all collect….

Famous Witches and Wizards‎

Chocolate Frog Cards, also known as Famous Witches and Wizards Cards, are trading cards that display pictures of famous wizards and witches and give small amounts of information about them. The Cards are obtained by buying Chocolate Frogs. Every Chocolate Frog container has a random card inside. Students trade these cards and it’s known as a sort of game, they play with 101 cards to collect in total. There was different bands that the cards were in which included: bronze, silver, gold and bonus cards which were the hardest to get. These can be purchased from the Hogwarts Express refreshment trolly, they are very popular sweets with the students.