Butterfly House

The Butterfly House was originally a Edwardian palm house, which is essentially a greenhouse large enough to grow palm trees in. The greenhouse is now the home to tropical butterflies, koi carp and other exotic creatures.

Herbology – The Greenhouses : Herbology lessons are taught in the greenhouses at Hogwarts. It is the study of magical and mundane plants and fungi, making it the wizarding equivalent to biology. The greenhouses are home to many exotic and magical plants some of which are extremely rare, difficult to grow and maintain, or even dangerous.

Herbology is a core subject taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in which students learn to care for and utilise plants, learn about their magical properties and what they are used for. Many plants provide ingredients for potions and medicine, while others have magical effects of their own right.

Herbert Beery was the professor of Herbology at Hogwarts for many years. After he retired, Pomona Sprout took over the post, she was the teacher of Harry and his friends. By 2017 Neville Longbottom had taken up the role. Many potions and spells were made with plants and once the students got to the higher years they were able to use more dangerous plants as they gained skills and knowledge.