Lancaster has some lovely museums with woolly creations to be found within. Why not have a break from your hunt and have a proper look around.

Lancaster City Museum (& King’s Own Museum)

Situated in the heart of this historic city of Lancaster.

Discover more about the cities past from the Romans to the present day.

Trace the pedigree of Lancaster’s regiment from 1680 onwards at the King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum

Open : 10-5 Daily till 31st August Tues-Sun September

Tel: 0152464637


Lancaster Castle

Steeped in almost 1000 years of history, the castle is built on a commanding hill top location which dominates the City of Lancaster.

Open: 9:30-5 Daily

Tel: 01524 64998


Lancaster Maritime Museum

Explore Lancaster’s golden age and rich maritime and natural history.

Open: 10am – 4pm Daily

Tel: 01524 382264