The Waterwitch

Water Witch: in 1772 the route for the Lancaster canal was first surveyed, after a further 2 surveys and an act of Parliament work finally began on the canal in 1793. Work on the 66km long canal was finally completed in 1826. A packet boat passenger service ran on the canal between Preston and Lancaster and later further on to kendal,in 1833 a fast packet boat service was introduced, the first boat was named the “Water Witch”, an iron-hulled craft of a long, narrow, sleek design, with a length of 76 feet and a beam of six feet. She could carry 120 passengers, and cut the journey time between Preston and Kendal to ten hours.

In a building originally built as a canal company stable a pub was opened in 1978 named the Water Witch and is still there today, it was the first true canalside pub on this stretch of water.

Three Broomsticks : This Hogsmeade Inn is particularly popular with Hogwarts staff and students. The inn is often warm, crowded, and a bit smoky, but clean and welcoming. The landlord Madame Rosmerta makes sure everyone is looked after. The pub serves a wide selection of drinks including Butterbeer, firewhiskey and other marvellous offerings.