The covered market opened in 1846 on this site and expanded in 1880, situated between Market Street, Penny Street and Common Garden Street. The market was modernised in 1975. The market had a wide variety of stalls including meat, fish, fruit and veg, fabrics, books, sweets, jewellery and more. Fire destroyed the covered market October 8th 1984.

Diagon Alley

Is a cobblestone alley in London located behind the Leaky Cauldron pub, here the discerning wizard can find a host of shops and stalls to meet their wizarding needs and some splendid places to eat too. The alley was built around the early 1500’s, it is entirely hidden from the non-wizarding community known as muggles. Despite its location in muggle London muggles are completely unaware of its existence and cannot get access to the alley through the pub.

The Leaky Cauldron is the oldest building in Diagon alley, it’s suggested in the books all the other shops grew up around it.

Hogwarts students make a trip to Diagon Alley before the start of the school year to buy their equipment and school supplies. 1st years require, amongst other things; a wand, robes, telescope and Cauldron, they are also allowed to take owl, cat or toad all of which can be purchased in diagon alley. Gringotts wizarding bank can also be found here.