cooking up a yarnstorm!

Our Inspiration

We have been inspired by other yarnbombers or yarnstomers, such as the Knit the City group in London, who have shown what you can accomplish with a little know how and a lot of wool! Yarnbomb street art installations open up a world of creativity beyond the expectations of other installations, they are tactile, interactive creations which everyone can enjoy. People can often even give a piece of it a home…

It has already begun, with a scattering of woollen goodies popping up in and around Lancaster, you may well have spotted some of them! These woolly wonders are the result of a few hours work, aimed at bringing a little colour to the city, and they have been drawing the odd smile out of unsuspecting visitors to the area.

The ultimate plan is to create a trail of woollen magic through the city in time for British Wool Week…

3rd – 12th October 2014
Something woolly this way comes…Don’t be sheepish this October! Come and discover some of Lancaster’s hidden gems by following a delightful trail of woolly wonders around the city. Marvel at the amazing artworks lovingly handmade by the members of our local community! All of which have been created to coincide with British Wool Week and will be distributed to local charities at the end of the week.

Watch this space for more information.

Bank Holiday Bobble hat yarnstorm!


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