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The Trail Business Mascots

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It’s the last week of the yarny potter trail – and time for this slightly overdue post πŸ˜‰

Each of the businesses we feature on the trail have a mascot, matching their chosen house. These were almost entirely made from supplies sourced locally, and almost all some kind of woolly πŸ˜‰

First off, there’s this little fellow, made by weasel mum at a creative threads workshop a few years ago. He was donated to the cause early on, and can be found somewhere in one of the museums πŸ˜‰


A few of the businesses have felted mascots – all made primarily from wool brought from Creative Thread Studio in Garstang, just a little way down the A6 from Lancaster. A few extra bits are from stashes acquired at various points before.

Each were made to reflect the businesses that they have called home for the last five weeks – with little bonus features! We used some locally named wool from Northern Yarn for the badger’s scarf (and have a pile of others for use in various porjects ;))

Next we have our little mob of Ravens (their proper collective noun doesn’t seem appropriate ;)) – all made from a pattern brought on etsy (by BeeZeeArt) and using materials brought from Fabrix. One has a little felted extra as well, while the others each got a knitted feature.

There’s a plasticine (made using materials from Studio Arts) Raven in one of the businesses (which one could it be ;)) with a little knitted scarf – a knitted hissing sid in another business and a hungry book in another!

While our little feature piece survives, sadly Ahoy has closed since the trail began – though the business is still running! You find them online at https://www.facebook.com/AhoyShopLancaster/ DSC_1567.JPG

There are two sorting hats to be found – one in the Tourist information and one at the City Museum. Have you spotted them both?


Finally we come to our remaining two museum mascots….

We have our scariest ‘mascot’ – made with a mixture of old fabric scraps, wire and plasticine from Studio Arts. Then our cutest mascot, who is hiding in the final museum πŸ˜‰ – Find them and see them as they look now (and share you pics ;))






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